Review: Samurai Jack: Volume 4

Comic Review

Samurai Jack: Volume 4
Writers: Jim Zubkavich, Andy Suriano
Artist: Andy Suriano

IDW Publishing
Street: 09.03

In just the 10 pages of the review copy I read I was hooked.  The comic book looks just like the cartoon does in its signature clean cut art style that pays homage to samurai films. On the last page of the review copy the Master of Time informs his large audience of followers that he has a new invention called the Time Talisman, which ensures that everything is in its proper place in the time stream. If you know anything about Samurai Jack, you’ll know how incredibly monumental this invention could be for him, as he is a time-displaced samurai warrior whose duty it is to go back in time and defeat the evil demon Aku. The comic ends on a massive cliffhanger where Samurai Jack is standing amongst the crowd of followers listening to the Master of Time talk about the Time Talisman. If Jack could get his hands on this Time Talisman he could defeat the evil demon Aku. As someone who loved the cartoon I’m absolutely stoked for the comic books because I want more Samurai Jack. If you are new to the Samurai Jack series I recommend reading this from the first volume and watching the cartoon on Netflix. –Nicole Stephenson