Review: Sugar House Review #10

Comic Review

Sugar House Review #10
Various Authors

Street: December 2014

The cliché “never judge a book by its cover” is poignantly manifested in this amazing poetry book, which appears like an annoying collection of dessert recipes. Do not be fooled by the clown-pants print, dear readers—Sugar House Review has continued to do impressive work compiling writers for their magazine. Featuring over 50 friends with pens, both local and abroad, the texts within cover topics such as zine making, public school intruder drills, addiction, open letters by Helen of Troy, the violence of mundanity, and a hefty handful of other topics which one might encounter from trying out the whole “humanity” thing. In short, the writing is enriching and unexpected throughout. This issue of Sugar House Review is definitely worth the $12 it takes to support a local publication that is doing its very damnedest to pair the talent of Salt Lake’s writing community with the rest of the literary world. If you’re looking to get shit-faced on words this weekend, pick this up and mingle your linguistic oddities with some complete strangers for a while. It will help you prepare for the next issue. –Nic Smith