Review: The Midas Flesh, Vol. 2

Comic Review

The Midas Flesh, Vol. 2
Writer: Ryan North
Artists: Shelli Paroline, Brandon Lamb

Boom! Box / Boom! Studios
Street: 06.24

The Midas Touch always seems like a great power, but when everything you touch essentially dies, what’s the point? In this second volume of Ryan North’s Midas Flesh, we’re taken on an adventure where the old space crew use King Midas’ powers as weapons. Boom! Box is the perfect sandbox for creators because there’s so much space to just explore these little passion projects ; this series comes from North’s webcomic Dinosaur Comics. It stays true that funny and off-kilter humor of his work on Adventure Time and Shelli Paroline’s and Brandon Lamb’s illustrations take it us to an epic sci-fi adventure of good versus the big bad dudes of the universe. And gold. All the gold. Our cast is diverse and beautifully put together in a cartoonish style that welcomes readers into the ridiculous plot. Aliens, puns, and dinosaurs with glasses are enough to get my attention, and this has even more fun. The totally unexpected conclusion is the best, so go grab both volumes and treat yourself to a rich story of vengeance, space, and hubris-metaphor curses. –Taylor Hoffman