Review: Witchblade – Borne Again, Vol. 2

Comic Review

Witchblade – Borne Again,  Vol. 2
Writer: Ron Marz
Artists: Laura Braga, Maan House

Image Comics
Street: 05.21

Witchblade tells the tale of NYPD homicide detective Sara Pezzini, and her adventures in supernatural crime-fighting. Not long after “retiring” from bearing the burden of the blade, Sara once again accepts the duty of the witchblade. I am curious, though—does the Witchblade only choose well-endowed women to battle evil? I get that the market for this book appreciates some skin, but the armor doesn’t seem practical when fighting foes whose primary instruments of torment include talons and fangs. Either way, it’s cool to see ties to other titles from the Top Cow universe, and fans of comics like The Darkness should feel right at home here. The art is pretty good, if somewhat stuck in the 90’s, and even the writing seems to dwell in the past. There are 10 years built into this series, and Marz relies upon that for character development. The majority of dialogue refers to previous arcs and cataclysms, and the plot didn’t seem to move forward very much. There’s definitely something building toward a climax, and I’m intrigued enough to go back to the first issue, but the narrative here falls a bit flat. It didn’t really hold my attention, but that isn’t to say it wasn’t good. –Rob Hudak