Review: They’re Not Like Us Vol. 1

Comic Review

They’re Not Like Us Vol. 1: Black Holes For The Young
Writer: Eric Stephenson
Artist: Simon Gane

Image Comics
Street: 08.08

True to its title, this series truly differentiates itself from the current crazes. It’s an intimate book that feels like an industry secret from the “weird” niche at Image Comics. Eric Stephenson (Nowhere Men) employs a classic superhero set-up, but quickly diverts from that tired path and leads us under the radar to a dark mystery.  Syd’s on the edge after her self-diagnosed schizophrenia becomes too intense, but a stylish man named The Voice “saves” her and inducts her into an elite group of similarly special individuals. It’s a modern twist on Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, but here she must kill her family for the proposed betterment of the world and herself. Waiting between new issues feels like forever when you’re anticipating such sharp dialogue and further discussions about mental superioress, moral responsibility and lawlessness to tense extremes. Simon Gane’s art with Jordie Bellaire’s coloring perfectly illustrate a lavish background where everything looks familiar, yet uneasily so. The characters are nuanced and complex, each pulling the other step over step into insanity. I love it and so will fans of The True Life of The Fabulous Killjoys and We Can Never Go Home. –– Taylor Hoffman