Daddy Long Legs posing at MICA Gallery at The Gateway

SLUG Style: Daddy Long Legs


A self-described “styletender” at ACME Bar Co. and Waterwitch, Daddy Long Legs mixes drinks and serves looks. Her style blends ’90s influence, Black sitcoms and lived experience. Nothing is off the table. See more on Instagram at @dessertsandalcohol.

Every month, SLUG Style features a distinct member of the community and asks them why they do what they do. Exploring more than just clothing, SLUG Style is an attempt to feature the people who give Salt Lake City flavor through personality and panache.

What are your stylistic influences? This could be a band, decade, fictional character—anything.

I’ve never really thought about what influences my style. I don’t put limits and expectations on myself of what I should and shouldn’t wear. I get dressed every day based on what I’m feeling at the moment with no regard for what other people may think of my attire. Fashion for me is a very intimate and introspective connection to myself. It allows for me to dive deeper into my being and further understand who I am and who I want to be. I guess that influence is pretty much all of my lived experiences and this passion for taking up space as my best self. I grew up watching a lot of Black sitcoms, and Girlfriends was my favorite. Reflecting back to those moments of adolescence, I fawned over the outfits that the quad of friends pulled off in every episode. Living Single was another show that opened my eyes to style; more specifically exploring patterns. The ’90s was THE era for that. Kim Parker from The Parkers gets a huge shout-out, too, because her fits were always so out of the box and matched her personality and vibe. I try to bring the same energy to my looks. 

You’re a bartender at ACME Bar Co. and Waterwitch. What do you enjoy about bartending?

For the last year I have dubbed myself as a “Styletender.” I love looking good behind the stick. For some reason it just enhances my creativity when crafting drinks. When my look is on point, I feel unstoppable. 

There are many things I enjoy about bartending, but what I enjoy the most is just learning. The world of spirits is vast and ever growing. Learning about or tasting something new everyday continues to propel me forward in this industry. I love attending lectures, seminars, events and watching other bartenders. Any opportunity to further my knowledge helps me to be a better hospitality professional. 

How does your work play into your style and vice versa? 

I find creating looks and crafting drinks to be so similar. At the core of each expression, you are taking individual pieces/ingredients and creating harmony and story with them. When it comes to how I dress behind the stick, few things are off limits. I’m fortunate enough to work for two bars where we don’t have a uniform or strict dress code. Bartending is a combination of skill and personality. How I dress is an extension of my personality and gives people a little taste of who I am before I say anything.  As long as my look is comfortable and functional in the limited space I have, it’s a good time. I love creating drinks inspired by outfits that I have worn or have seen other people wear. Transforming colors and textures from the runway into something drinkable is so dope. The intersection of fashion and alcoholic beverages is a time-tested relationship that I don’t see ever ending, but I would love to contribute to pushing that boundary forward and disrupting people’s perceptions on the pair. 

What are your interests or hobbies? What is the hobby or interest that you have that no one would realize to ask you about?

Honestly, I work a lot, but my work is my passion. Before I was a bartender, I was working as a pastry chef. I’m fortunate that I get to combine the two and pursue both currently. Writing is my first love. I always thought that I would be an author growing up. One day I do hope to have something published. I wrote a novel a few years back, and I always think about revamping it or sharing some of my short stories, poetry and spoken word. I rap and write songs now and have hopes to release a mixtape in the near future. 

Are you always “on” or would someone see you at the grocery store, for example, with less elements of your style?

Babyyyyy! The way I have left the house in a robe and slippers to get into all sorts of shenanigans and errands is too real. Sometimes I just don’t have the time or the desire to put together a full look. What is important for me in moments like this is to remember that I do not get dressed for anyone. I get dressed for me. 

Folks have been so taken aback when I pull up a bit more dressed down or casual; especially when I’m not in my feminine bag with what I’m wearing. It’s funny sometimes but it’s also annoying because I feel like we shouldn’t put expectations on one another like that. I hate feeling boxed in or perceived to be just one way. I am an ever-evolving, non-binary baddie. If I feel like jeans and a t-shirt one day and mini skirt crop-top combo the next, then mind ya business. 

Do you have a preferred spirit? 

Right now I’m really into sugarcane juice distillates. They go by several names in various countries like Rhum Agricole in Martinique, Clarin in Haiti, Charanda in Mexico, and Cachaca in Brazil. They are similar to mezcal and wine in a sense that these distillates do a great job of expressing terroir or the region in which the sugarcane is grown. You get these beautiful, earthy and vegetal notes that are so unique and expressive. My favorite right now is the Rhum JM Terroir Volcanique. This expression makes a beautiful daiquiri that lends so much depth and flavor. 

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would those be? 

Authentic, iconic, disruptive 

What makes the perfect cocktail? 

I don’t think the perfect cocktail exists. Everyone’s taste buds and pallets are so different, and there is so much that I have yet to try, so it’s hard to say. What I love most about cocktails is tasting something for the first time. A unique flavor combination or a new spirit or liqueur I’ve never had before. Those moments to me are always the best. 

How has your personal style evolved over time?

I don’t come from a wealthy family. A lot of my clothes growing up were hand me downs and stuff I got from friends. Nothing was name brand or expensive, but I’m grateful for what I had back then. I was teased for a lot of the stuff I wore throughout school; especially my Grinch pajama pants, but in a strange way those clothes helped me develop an appreciation for fabrics when I was older. I didn’t start buying my own clothes until I was in college. I was obsessed with skinny jeans and tank tops at that time. From there it was chinos, button downs and boots to crop tops and hiking shorts. As I’ve grown into my gender identity over the years, my style has blossomed in tandem with that journey. I bought my first dress and pair of heels in 2018. I started wearing makeup in 2020 and shaved my eyebrows off completely in 2021. I am more comfortable in my body presently than I have ever been in my entire life. I used to be so afraid of what people would say about how I dress, but nowadays you couldn’t pay me to care. I’m confident in who I am and what I wear. If you don’t like it, then that is a problem.

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