A crossword with 12 clues and a background illustration depicting famous characters from movies filmed in Utah.

Cinema Crossword: Famous Utah Filmmaking Spots


From Sundance and Slamdance to Disney and Hallmark, Utah’s landscape has provided the perfect backdrop for classic westerns and sci-fi thrillers alike. Complete this cinema crossword to discover the locations that make Utah a favorite destination for filmmakers! Scroll down to find the answers.


4. The Sandlot boys chew tobacco before hopping on a carnival ride at this Salt Lake City park.

5. Michael Myers’ home in Halloween 5 is located in this SLC neighborhood near Capitol Hill.

6. Stevo and Sandy drop acid together at this war memorial park in SLC Punk!

7. Ren McCormack dances the night away at a prom hosted by this grain factory in Footloose.

10. Captain Steven Hiller drags an alien through this white landscape in Independence Day saying, “What the hell is that smell?”

11. A young Indiana Jones evades grave robbers at this Arches National Park formation in The Last Crusade.

12. Thelma and Louise find themselves stuck between the police and a cliff at this state park in Moab.


1. In Napoleon Dynamite, Kip tells Uncle Rico about his new online girlfriend at this Richmond burger joint.

2. A team of astronauts crash land at this Southern Utah lake in the original Planet of the Apes.

3. Forrest Gump exclaims “I’m pretty tired, think I’ll go home now,” at this iconic park on the Utah-Arizona border.

8. Troy Bolton belts “Bet On It” at a country club in this Southern Utah city in High School Musical 2.

9. A band of outlaws traverse this ghost town south of Zion National Park in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.


1. bigjburgers

2. lakepowell

3. monumentvalley

4. libertypark

5. theavenues

6. memorygrove

7. lehimills

8. stgeorge

9. grafton

10. saltflats

11. doublearch

12. deadhorsepoint

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