Review: Blessed by Fire

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Blessed by Fire
Tristán Bauer

Koch Lorber Films
Street: 07.17

Based on the war surrounding the ownership of the Malvinas Islands, Tristán Bauer delivers an amazing film and a truly moving and entertaining war movie experience. Focusing on the sheer brutality the Argentinian soldiers faced during this war, Blessed by Fire switches constantly from the shell-shocked current day life of Edgardo Esteban to flash backs of when he was at war. Constantly I found my emotions being toyed with in ways most movies just can’t seem to capture. Even though the focus of this movie is on a war that most people have never heard of, the excellent cinematography and writing will move almost anyone. This film is most certainly one of the better foreign films of the last decade, and even rivals American classics such as Full Metal Jacket. -Ross Solomon