Love at a Certain Age

FirstGlance Film Festival

Directors: Logan Hendricks and Kyle Clark

At 101 years old, Max is just another single guy, looking to find a new companion after his wife of 60 years passed away. And he’s not the only one. Although you may try to avoid the thought of elderly people being in love and having sex, this documentary shows that even as we get old and wrinkly, our desire to be with someone never goes away.

Filmed at a senior home in Florida, directors Logan Hendricks and Kyle Clark give you an all-access pass into the lives of these folks. Aside from Max, Hendricks and Clark feature the lives of a 72-year-old man named Gilbert, who is newly single after a tumultuous six-year relationship, and husband and wife, Dick and Vi, who have been together for over 70 years.

Despite the age of these folks, it’s funny to see how their lives still closely resemble those of us who are much, much younger. What also makes this film standout is the wide range of emotions it is able to evoke. Although the overall feel is lighthearted and quite humorous, there are still several scenes that are very emotional and gripping. It may be an odd topic, but this film is really captivating and well done, and it just goes to show you relationships can be a struggle, no matter what your age.