Review: Gothic Vampires From Hell

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Gothic Vampires From Hell
Fred Austin and Rob Walker

Street: 05.15

Getting new material to review is sometimes like waiting to be kicked in the penis. You realize it has large potential for pain, but you also know you have to get through it one way or another. When this movie was placed into my hands I knew that I was in for some deep hurting. While I won’t go into how many beers it took so I couldn’t feel feelings while watching this, I will say that a movie put out by a music label (and obviously marketed to sell albums by bands that are ON said label) shouldn’t ever happen. This was similar to Queen of the Damned, with less Jonathan Davis, and a hell of a lot more distant-yet-brooding gothic thirty something “actors”. Yet another reminder that marketing is one of the several reasons our society can’t have nice things. White Elephant gift this turd without hesitation. -Conor Dow