Review: Last of the Breed: Live in Concert

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Last of the Breed: Live in Concert
Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Ray Price

A&E Video
Street: 09.25

Last of the Breed was filmed at a sold-out show in March of this year at the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago. Interesting in its scope and breadth of performance, this DVD showcases how intrepid these three legendary performers are. Like a 50-year-old cougar who still has it in the sack, Willie, Merle and Ray still put on a stunning live show. Being the first time all three have shared a stage, they invariably play off each other well, not upstaging or outdoing the other. The camera angles are conservative and point back to 1950s variety TV show techniques as the camera oscillates between wide shots and full body shots, occasionally using close-ups for guitar solos and panning around the other musicians for good measure. Diverse and entertaining, this DVD intertwines a valuable moment in country music history. -Erik Lopez