Review: One Piece: Collection Eleven

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One Piece: Collection Eleven

Street: 02.03

One Piece: Collection Eleven is part of a series of DVD sets containing episodes for the popular anime One Piece. One Piece first aired in 1999, contains 700 episodes, and is continually considered one of the top 10 animes to watch. If you haven’t seen any of One Piece, I’d recommend watching the series from the beginning if you have the time—if not, then you could start off with One Piece Collection Eleven and catch on to the current story arc. One Piece Collection Eleven finishes off one of One Piece’s best story arcs to date and starts a seemingly more epic one towards the end of the disc set. Luffy and his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, have been keeping me entertained for 14 years. I have never given up on this anime and it has never disappointed me. FUNimation also never disappoints with their beautiful DVD sets, which include extras like cast and crew commentary, behind the scenes exclusive, and textless songs. If you have never seen One Piece, then this is probably the best time to jump in to the show—no need to watch previous episodes (although I highly recommend it). –Nicole Stephenson