Review: Bullet for My Valentine

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Bullet for My Valentine
Live at the Brixton Academy

Street: 12.19.06

With only an EP and a full length CD out I was surprised to see a DVD release from Bullet for My Valentine. Nevertheless, the guys on the hinge of major success have followed in the footsteps of many and choose to showcase their goods early on.

The show is obviously shorter than most bands with a few albums under their belt. The DVD contains all the extras a fan would need. These guys have not only created a following in their home country Britain but all over. Admittedly BFMV is a guilty pleasure for me a style I usually don’t enjoy but the band throws in enough lead work and melody to dismiss the emo sounds and lyrical content.

I should smack myself just for liking something that teenage girls probably drool all over. Personally I think the DVD release is a little early on for the guys though it is a way for them to appease their fans until the next record which if your listening should be sooner than later because the band definitely has a huge amount of momentum building. And having your entire US tour get canceled doesn’t help. – Bryer Wharton