Review: Twister Chasers

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Twister Chasers
Mpi Home Video

Street: 06.26

Remember that movie Twister? Sucks to be you, doesn’t it? Anyways, Twister Chasers is a documentary about some real live tornado chasers doing their thing during the summer of 2004. Even though these people take great precautions there are still some fairly scary moments when incredible wind and gigantic hail storms take these experts by surprise. The footage collected here varies from awesome to mediocre, but for the most part there’s some pretty cool images here that may save you from having to go and try to find one of these storms for yourself. In fact one of the groups that this video follows is a van full of tourists who pay good money to be shuttled around by one of these experts so they can take pictures of tornados and pretend they’re Helen Hunt or something. I don’t know, personally I would pay good money to be assured that I will never be very close to one of these storms, but to each their own. One thing you realize watching this film is just how many people there are driving around chasing these storms, sometimes the roads are literally lined with cars and people milling around like a damned flea market. If you’re looking for a rare glimpse into the storm chasing culture or just like to watch things get blown over you may want to check out Twister Chasers. -Jesse Kennedy