Review: Your Mommy Kills Animals

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Your Mommy Kills Animals
Curt Johnson

Street: 2007

Don’t be fooled by the title; this is not another “shockumentary” exploiting animals even further by showing horrible abuse footage. It is not an ad for vegetarianism, PETA or anything of the sort. Your Mommy Kills Animals actually exposes companies like PETA and other “animal loving” corporations for bad business and animal practices. Most importantly, the documentary discusses the downfall of free speech and other rights that are fast disappearing in this country. Did you know animal rights activists are the number one terrorist threat within our borders? Well, according to our good ‘ole boy Bush they are and some of the activists detailed within are currently serving prison terms and million dollar fines for merely reporting on extremist activities. I give this movie three and a half molotovs. I encourage like-minded individuals to refer it to people we might know on the fringes of the pretend pop-culture pity party. If you would like to view it with myself please call Catfish 801.815.3565, maybe you can learn something and maybe even fall in love. -Catfish Von Ludwig