A skater grinds on a rail.

Past and Present Collide with Pat Ring’s Newest Skate Film Typeshit


Patrick Ring, also known as Pat or P Ring is a local skier and filmmaker in Salt Lake City. Ring has filmed projects for Krux Trucks, Almost Skateboards, Etnies, and multiple other companies in the world of skateboarding. He currently skis for Nine Line and is somewhat of a local legend in the skiing and skateboarding world in Utah. Ring’s newest film, Typeshit, brings together skaters from all over the Wasatch Front with influences from the past while looking at the current and next generation’s heaviest hitters. 

SLUG: Why the title “Typeshit”?

Ring: Ah man, Typeshit… It was originally going to be called Hello Sunshine. I started filming it four years ago, when it wasn’t supposed to be a full video. We were going to do four separate videos—small parts—and put them out separately. But then I got hurt and the video dragged on, and then more people got clips. There’s a lot of guest clips, which is sick. It was never supposed to be a full video, but I started editing and realized I had a whole video. I decided to go rap-heavy and it fit. The title is sort of an ode to the Shit Vortex and Fuck This Video series, which are my favorite SLC videos. 

SLUG: Is it named after the Future song, “Type Shit”?

Ring: No, it’s not named after the Future song, haha! I named it before that. It’s some Atlanta slang. I did some filming there and it became one of those phrases that you accidentally catch on to. 

SLUG: Was it all filmed in Utah?

Ring: There’s four or five New York clips and some stuff in Wisconsin. 98% Utah, though. 

SLUG: Any favorable moments?

Ring: The sickest moment is so hard to choose. I don’t want to leave anyone out but the opening clip is my favorite—a manual trick Shylio did. It took like a total of 10 days, that Typeshit is what I’m talking about. This clip was a huge relief off my shoulders. Ashton Harris has a short part in the video; he started filming with us just a bit ago. Brandon, Deng, Cal, Steve, all [of them] went off. Adam Dyet has a guest clip that I was super hyped about. It’s all so sick; it’s hard to answer with one thing. I’m just excited everyone wants to film and wants me to film. One of the only places I feel like myself is [when I’m] filming with the homies, especially here in SLC. 

SLUG: What’s special about the SLC skate scene? 

Ring: I feel accepted here. The scene here has its cliques but everyone here, the overall skate community, is very tight. There’s skaters in the north (Ogden), south (Cedar/Sandy/Provo), west (West Valley, etc), but everyone knows everyone, which is super sick. I think this video is special because everyone came together for it. 

SLUG: What’s next for you?

Ring: As for the future, recently I got to film Jake Ilardi, which was super awesome. That part is coming out sometime in the next month or two. It’s a special time for me [because] I’m super hyped on filming and getting new opportunities. I’m staying in SLC this summer and I’m trying to get another video filmed and put something else out in the near future. 

SLUG: Thanks, man! I look forward to seeing the video on Saturday. 

Ring: No, thank you! I’m stoked for everyone to see it. 

If you know Ring or have seen his films before you know you’ll be in for a treat. His angles are great, editing is superb, and the selection of skaters is something you will not want to miss out on. Typeshit premiers at the International for free in Salt Lake City at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 18. 

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