Chubby Release Party

Posted October 6, 2010 in

As if the Utah craft beer scene was not giving you a boner as it is, the crew over at the Utah Brewers Cooperative are willing to give you one of theirs: The Chubby.  These new packaged mini “kegs” are 5 Litres in volume and they currently are available with Golden Ale (as featured in the Little Slammer line) and the well-known Squatters India Pale Ale. Both of these come at the same time that the Co-Op is celebrating their fresh win at the Great American Beer Fest as Mid-Sized Brewery and Mid-Sized Brewers of the Year as well as awards for their Hell’s Keep, Summerbrau and Wit.


There is obviously a lot to celebrate, and they did it in style—revealing their brand new bottling line to the public, which is upping their production to meet with the demanding needs of the Utah boozers, and their new Chubby filler (Chubby pumper if you will).


Mark Cleveland of the Co-Op was proud to say that the Chubbies are flying off the shelves at the Co-Op and Squatters, despite not having licensing rights for in-state distribution at liquor stores. They are however on the brink of starting out of state distribution, which ought to hopefully show that Utah has their shit together—or at least feign the fact.


If that was not enough to make you cream your littleslammerfilled jeans, Wasatch Brewing Company had Hop Bandit on tap at the Co-Op. Hop Bandit is an all local, fresh hopped pale ale. Matt Beamer and Ray Madsen up in Park City recruited the willing few to tackle the task of harvesting hops in Park City and liberate them from the mormon empire by way of beer.


The release was a great way to boast the success of the Cooperative and their success in Utah. I guess now it’s just a waiting game to see how long it takes the state to get it together. And once again, great job to the folks at the Brewers Cooperative and their major win at the Great American Beer Festival.



A special thanks goes out to Mark Cleveland of the Utah Brewers Cooperative for giving us a guided tour of the brewery.