BMX Photo Feature: Tim Thomson

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Tim was the first rider to befriend me when I moved here eight-and-a-half years ago. I met him at the Fairmont Skatepark, and he was quick to come over and introduce himself. He has a slightly wacky sense of humor where he’ll say something, and it will make you pause and have to process what he says before you realize the joke. He’s also part of the over-35 club of riders and is an amazing father to one of the cutest kids ever, so riding isn’t near the top of the priority list—but when Tim does make an appearance, it is always a treat to watch. I told a couple friends about Tim being the rider I was going to shoot for this issue, and their responses were, “Oh, man, I can’t wait to see the photo!”—he’s your favorite Utah BMX rider’s favorite rider.

Tim Thompson – Classic One-Handed Table – Tanner Park, SLC, Utah
Tim Thompson – Classic One-Handed Table – Tanner Park, SLC, Utah. Photo: Andy Fitzgerrell