The Layton Massacre BMX Jam

Posted May 26, 2005 in

Jayson Johnson (Photo by Matt Brown)

The Layton Massacre BMX Jam went down on Sat., April 23, at the Layton Public Skatepark.

Billed as a Utah Cobras' Super Cement Jam, it was the premiere BMX event thus far this year. (OK; the only one in Utah.) There was an amateur and pro-class, with a Hot Mom Contest between heats. The entire contest was run in a jam format with five riders per heat. The Top 10 in each class went to the finals.

Utah is kind of famous in the BMX community for producing some serious talent. However, the Colorado Contingent has some other plans for the Utah locs. Adrian, Roman and AJ (sorry, no last names) took top honors in the am class. Adrian definitely deserved first place with a tailwhip over the hip and a 540-barspin-to loop-out. Fourth and fifth place went to Cody (no last name) and Justin Capel. There were 28 ams, with prizes awarded to 15th place. We did have a sandbagger in the am class, but he elected to ride with the pros.

The pros were amazing as usual. Jason Johnson, called out as a sandbagger during the am qualifying, stepped up to the pro class and got fifth place with that smooth Sandy style. Matt Beringer pulled out his unusual bag of tricks, with the flyout-to-360 rollback-to-decade being my personal favorite. There was a flair attempt in there as well. Third place went to Rob "Fingerbang" Wise. Rob was all over the park with smooth lines airing into the oververt bowl and transferring from the 6' hip into the dog-leg-type bowl. Cameron Wood was doing crazy stuff all over the place. I mainly remember his 180 from the deck over the bank-hip into the flat. He got second. First place went to Mike Aitken. Mike was all over the place, transferring from bowl-to-bowl and blasting huge airs in the dog-leg-type bowl.

Despite the intermittent rain and ridiculous wind, the contest went off without a hitch. Unfortunately, I was in the bathroom during the Hot Mom Contest, but I heard it was fabulous. Special thanks go out to Fuzzy Hall and 50/50 BMX shop for making the contest happen, the City of Layton for allowing the use of their amazing facility, all of the companies that donated prizes and Red Bull for "hooking me up." Get the complete final results and see some photos at

Jayson Johnson (Photo by Matt Brown) Bryan Shepherd (Photo by Matt Brown)