Review: Sugar House Review #11

Sugar House Review #11

Various Authors
Street: 07.20

Sugar House Review’s Spring/Summer 2015 installment is a literary pleasure from beginning to end. Featuring the work of some 40-plus authors (local and otherwise), each with a unique voice and style of their own, one would be hard-pressed to find such a diverse and thought-provoking collection anywhere else—especially for the modest price of $8. The poems often run the expected topic-gambit of nature, death, sex and love, but with such skill and creativity that one hardly notices a topic-cliché when it occurs. Not limited to featuring poetry, #11 also features a number of poetry book reviews (a nice addition in and of itself), where collections are pre-examined for the wondering reader before they drop heavier wads of cash. Though each poem carries its weight, some of my favorites were “Hedging” by C.F. Sibley, “Miscarriage Interpreted through Animal Science” by Jennifer Givan, and “Limitless Birds” by Jim Davis. Sugar House Review #11 is a more enthralling and pleasurable read than a collection from a single author, for, by its very nature, it asks us to come and go as we please, to take our time with each author and poem, to find what we love and to forgive the rest. –Z. Smith