At Mcycle, (L–R) Megan and Richmond Tyrrell make it both fun and easy to give back to the community while pushing the wheel to some Missy Elliott during their 2000s-throwback rides.

Mcycle: Spinning You Into Control

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Would you enjoy sweating to some “Hollaback Girl” by Gwen Stefani? Or getting that cardio in to Celia Cruz, the queen of salsa? If so, indoor cycling at Mcycle might be your fitness fix that helps you “get” Lizzo’s music. Cycling as a part of one’s fitness routine without the element of using it for transportation has provided riders with an option of an exhilarating experience to travel while exercising and also an opportunity to test their physical limits. Recently, there has been an exponential trend ( in a new version of indoor cycling: spin classes. Indoor cycling in a studio is not solely the experience of riding on a stationary bike—it’s much more involved, intense and inspiring to take your fitness journey to places it has never gone before with the guidance of an instructor who will help you grow through routines, choreography and, frankly, kickass music and lights you usually would only find at a club or rave (I’ve heard).

Nestled behind the old Tin Angel by 400 South and 400 West in downtown SLC, members can experience a workout that provides an endorphin rush and a unique mental release with an added benefit of increased fitness and wellness. Owners and instructors Megan and Richmond Tyrrell—a married couple who have their own respective fitness backgrounds going back to their youth—deliver this through their boutique cycling studio.

“Once you clip your shoes into the bike (disclaimer: There is a learning curve to this), you’re off to a wild ride.”

(L–R) Richmond and Megan, co-founders of Salt Lake's MCycle

“I was a competitive dancer growing up, and Richmond excelled in multiple sports,” Megan says. “We both have always had a love and respect for fitness and wellness. Work had taken us to [Southern] California, and we lived in Laguna Beach for the past seven years. Richmond worked as a digital producer, and I started teaching at a local gym. It was here I started my indoor cycling journey. I would’ve never thought in my wildest dreams I would eventually move back to Utah to start a studio of our own, Mcycle.” 

Walking into Mcycle, you’re greeted by a large, white, fluorescent “Mcycle” sign above a pearly-white counter with either (depending on the time of day) Richmond or another grinning employee eager to check you into your class. After giving your shoe size and renting out your cycling shoes for $2, you are guided through their luxurious locker room and pampering stations—fully equipped with showers, bathrooms, mirrors, Q-tips, makeup wipes, blow dryers and even straighteners—to their cycling studio, adorned and rimmed by neon lights and a collection of stationary bikes ready for riders. Once you clip your shoes into the bike (disclaimer: There is a learning curve to this), you’re off to a wild ride.

“Going to a cycling class at Mcycle means you get 45 minutes to focus on yourself, your goals and what you’re willing to give to achieve them at that moment. It’s powerful to know you have an entire room on your team,” says Megan. “We’re all pushing together as a collective toward our different goals. I believe the lessons we learn on our bikes carry over into our other areas of life as well. We do our very best to be a source of strength and encouragement.”

Mcycle makes it both fun and easy to give back to the community.”

Having had both Megan and Richmond as my instructors, I know firsthand what those lessons can do for your everyday life. Whether you’re going for fitness, inspiration or therapy (yes, these classes are therapeutic!), you leave each class a big winner with a mix of all three benefits. Though you can feel like you are missing out on the outdoor experience while riding a stationary bike, cycling classes can absolutely help any road cyclist build endurance and strength.

While offering such a great fitness service to our community, Mcycle does hold up their end on community service in itself. “We’ve done several fundraiser rides for awesome nonprofits here in SLC like The Christmas Box House, Women of the World, Art with Heart and more. We plan to do many more fundraiser rides throughout the year,” Megan says. With themed rides, like their SLAY ALL THE WAY class in December, their NYE class in January and an array of staff instructors that bring their own experience to the table, Mcycle makes it both fun and easy to give back to the community while pushing the wheel to some Missy Elliott during their 2000s-throwback rides.

As Mcycle had to experience a temporary closure due to social distancing measures during the COVID-19 pandemic, they are gearing toward new changes when they reopen their doors. Megan says, “Well, I’d hate to give any surprises away, but we have a few things up our sleeve! We can’t wait to kick off various challenges. We’re also excited to offer more class times, including noon and 8 p.m. classes.” I know I can’t wait to cycle again with Megan, Richmond or any of their talented instructors at the front of the room cheering me on, then ending my workout with one of their signature smoothies served at their smoothie bar. Learn more about Mcycle and how you can take part in the spin craze—ride on!