Parley Southworth (1st Place), nose blunt bomb drop from the railing.

16th Annual Summer of Death Skate Contest


SLUG held the first contest of the 16th annual Summer of Death skate series on Saturday, June 20, at Banzai Skatepark in Lindon, Utah. Congratulations to Summer of Death 1st Place champion Parley Southworth! Check out Lauren Ashley’s full recap here and a gallery from the event here with photos from SLUG photographers Weston Colton and Chris Kiernan. Stay tuned for details about Summer of Death: Roughside, which happens Sept. 12.

Thanks to this contest’s sponsors: Banzai Skatepark, The Blue Plate Diner, Board of Provo, iNi Cooperative, Milosport, Monster Energy, Saga Outerwear and Salty Peaks.

Josh Meyer
Josh Meyer (2nd Place), blunt stall shove-it.
Elijah Schmidt
Elijah Schmidt (4th Place), backside boneless.
Jack Massey
Jack Massey (3rd Place), wallride on the tombstone.