As most of us skaters know, June 21st is National Go Skateboarding Day. Each year on this day, dedicated shredders grab their boards and hit up their local skateparks and favorite street spots to honor this glorious sport.

This year, in Bountiful, Annex Skateshop owners Ezra Moss and Jason Salisbury decided to do something special for the skaters of their good city by working their magic, and with the grace of city officials, were allowed to use the pavilion at Bountiful Park. Rails, fun boxes, and a nicely built mini half pipe were created for the attendees skating all day.

I was impressed with the layout of the event when I showed up. After local band Offsuit finished their set, came great performances by other local bands such as The Trappers, and solo pianist Garret Bishop who was rocking the keys. Annex, provided enough hamburgers and hotdogs to feed the hundreds of people who came to celebrate.

In the parking lot stood a beastly ’57 Plymouth Belvedere nicknamed “Topless Belle” with a full propane set up shooting flames out of the front and back end of the car. Hell, they were even roasting marshmallows with the flames ol’ “Topless Belle” was spitting out. I introduced myself to local artist in attendance, Lexi Rausch, who was finishing up a painting that even Jackson Pollack would be proud of.

Back in the cool shade of the pavilion, skater Jordan Brown was putting on an impressive show for his newly acquired fans, nose blunting the 4ft rail leading down into the parking lot followed with some smooth board slides.  Jordan Franke was tearing up the mini, pulling off some huge frontside airs and smooth back tailslides.

Kenzo Sato took advantage of the buttered short rail crooking the length of it with perfect style. Even the good officers of Bountiful came out to see what was going on and of course, to keep “order.” Surprisingly they seemed to enjoy watching the kids that on any other day would be cited for skating on public property. The respectability was ironic.

As the day simmered down and the heat began to subdue, the food gone and stomachs full, there came the infamous product toss. Once the wild crowd finished killing each other over a sticker, Ezra made a quite moving statement when he introduced Annex’s first sponsored riders: Taylor “Redpants” Mineer, little Axel Compton, and brothers Jordan and Nate Brown.

Ezra announced that there will be many events and competitions to come. He said, “Bountiful needs to build its skateboarders a skatepark!” The audience could feel the passion behind those words, I could truly tell that he loved what he was doing, setting an atmosphere of pride upon the kids and parents alike.

Mayhem once again broke out as the skaters took to their temporary skatepark. Perhaps now Bountiful will provide a kick ass park for those riders that deserve it. And let’s hope that Annex will be around for years to come.