AJ Neuenswander—Fakie Front Crook Pop Out to Fakie—Provo, Utah

In skateboarding, it’s easy for skaters to become known for a certain trick that they do really well, or do a lot. For example, Paulo Diaz was the nollie guy; Lindsey Robertson—heelflips; Andrew Reynolds—frontside flips; Keith Hufnagel—giant ollies; etc. When I first met AJ, I was in awe of how well he skated fakie. In my mind, he was the “fakie guy.” I quickly realized that is a gross underestimation of AJ’s talent on a board. At the same time, I really enjoy the fakie tricks that he does, so I asked him to fakie switch front crook up this ledge—and he obliged. Look up Bolts of Thunder 4 on YouTube. AJ has the first part.