Cobe Harmer – Hard-Flip – SLC, Utah

Skate Photo Feature: Cobe Harmer


“This photo is a still from my upcoming Krux Trucks part. It’s a hard flip down the 420 set in downtown Salt Lake City, and it had been on my mind to try this for months. I was so defeated after skating this spot the first time, though. I couldn’t get the clip, but I recognized that there was no other way but to keep trying. I returned to this spot three times before I could succeed. The thing we have to remember, especially in the times we live in today, is that we must set a goal and keep persevering and keep fighting until we reach our goal and we all succeed.” –Cobe Harmer

Cobe Harmer – Hard Flip – SLC, Utah
Cobe Harmer – Hard Flip – SLC, Utah. Photo: Weston Colton | @westoncolton