Kallie Lowery – frontside slash – Provo, UT

Skate Photo Feature: Kallie Lowery


Ever since seeing Gleaming the Cube in 1989, backyard pools have held a mythical status in my mind. I’ve wanted to shoot one for years, but never had the chance. Enter Kallie Lowery—I’ve admired Kallie and her skating via Instagram for a few years now. She regularly skates bowls and ramps that are bigger than anything I ever even had the nerve to drop into.

We met up at a pool that was slated for demolition. Not a perfect backyard kidney, but a large, rectangular apartment complex pool. Kallie worked her way around the pool, figuring out the transitions and lines.

The sun went down, and she kept charging the wall in the deep end, which had at least two feet of vert. With daylight gone, she pulled this frontside slash (with my camera pushed to the limits at ISO 5000).

Kallie Lowery – frontside slash – Provot, UT
Kallie Lowery – frontside slash – Provo, UT | Photo: Weston Colton

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