What is your spirit animal?
What is your favorite food?
If you had to dye your hair, what color would it be?

Her answers are depicted in the piece above. Can you figure it out?

We also asked her a few more informative questions:

Who are you?
Audrey Newhouse

When did you decide to become an artist? 
First time my parents gave me crayons.

How would you classify your work? 
Creepy Cute.

What do you think of the art scene here in SLC? 
It seems to be a very present force out here. So I think it’s great.

Any words of wisdom? 
Stay weird!

You can check out Audrey’s work through June 30, on the west wall of the café at the Whole Foods Trolley Square location.

SLUG Magazine and Whole Foods Trolley Square created Add a Dash of Local Art to give local artist the opportunity to feature their work at Whole Foods. Each month features a new artist, highlighting the diversity and talent we have within our local art community. If you are interested in being a featured artist, email wholefoodsart@slugmag.com.