Uinta Contrail White

Review: Contrail White

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Have you been to the grocery store or liquor store lately? You may have noticed that there is a sh’load of beers cluttering up the fridges and the shelves in damn near every shop that you visit. This is a great thing! After what seems like a lifetime, we beer-loving Utahns are finally getting the suds selection that many have been screaming for since the late ‘80s. If you’re a frequent reader of the SLUG “Beer Reviews” (Hi, Mom!), you may have observed that (for the most part) every month, we get to sink our teeth into new beers. The Salt Lake market is being inundated with outside brands like never before. This month is no different. Not only do we continue to offer new brews to discuss, we can also add new beers from new local breweries. Our beers this month are mostly homegrown and specifically made for these hot August days.

Contrail White

Brewery/Brand: Uinta Brewing Co.
ABV: 4.0%
Serving Style: 12-oz. can, draft

Description: This beer pours a somewhat cloudy straw color with a bright-white pillow of foam. The nose is mildly doughy with hints of coriander and citrus peel. The taste is similar, with doughy bread and dry crackers up front. Some coriander spiciness and bitter orange peel comes next, with a moderate amount of floral hops and spicy Euro grasses rounding out the end. The finish is faintly dry, light and refreshing.

Overview: This is one of those “best of both worlds” beers. It’s lightly spiced for those who aren’t big on ester-y Belgian-style beers, but have that added zap that makes it more than a lawnmower beer.