Salt Flats Brewing Co.'s Slipstream India Pale Ale contains classic hints of pine, bready sweetness and the aroma of an inner peel from a ripened orange.

Beer of the Month: Slipstream India Pale Ale

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Beer Name: Slipstream India Pale Ale
Brewery: Salt Flats Brewing Co.

ABV: 9%
Serving Style: 12-oz. can

The swift halt of the day-to-day grind that breweries and distilleries forced many of our local makers to get creative during these uncertain times. Countless adult-beverage businesses focused on beer to go and kitchens serving curbside, with some even dedicating themselves to manufacturing important sanitation products. In this case, Salt Flats Spirits, related to Salt Flats Brewing Co., used the distilling process to help the cause and create one such item, the all-important hand sanitizer. With this in mind, we knew exactly the spot we needed to visit.

While on a voyage to grab much-needed beer rations with limited stops along the way, we killed two beers with one stone. We snagged fresh brewskis from Salt Flats Brewing and some sanitizer that we hadn’t been able to find for weeks online or at any essential grocery store. Deciding which of SFB’s beer to pick was an easy choice. We enjoy several of their branded brews like Tank Slapper, a Double Rye Ale; Baja, the Mexicana Ale; and the P1 Pilsner. However, our chosen “Beer of the Month” is the Slipstream India Pale Ale. (It doesn’t hurt that this beer clocks in with a nice 9% ABV, leading with an exceptional price that gives Squatters’ Hop Rising a run for its money in the value-per-ounce race at the DABC.) At the time of writing, quests for hand sanitizer and toilet paper had been commonplace, we couldn’t wait to settle into the comfort of a West Coast DIPA after our journey.


Salt Flats’ Slipstream IPA comes in a brewery-defining can sporting their design in vibrant green. We cracked open the cold 12-ounce racer and poured it into a slick IPA glass to experience the maximum amount of aroma, flavor and nostalgia. (We used to believe every style of beer needed its own specific glass, but now we realize it’s fine to just drink the damn thing.) This beer has a robust caramel color with a burnt-orange hue. The pour culminates in a strong 1/3” inch head of off-white foam that quickly fades in the middle of the glass but still clings to the edges, holding strong for consumption. Slipstream smells ultra-clean, with classic hints of pine, followed by bready sweetness and the aroma of an inner peel from a ripened orange. A medium-to-light mouthfeel showcases flavors of orange and grapefruit that lead into a noticeably biting finish—which is something we enjoy about this style, rarely finding it in modern hazy/juicy IPAs.

Spouting out of a vibrant green can, Slipstream IPA is a robust caramel color with a burnt-orange hue.
Photo: Chris Hollands


The first time we purchased Slipstream at the DABC, it must have been mismarked because the price was too low for such an enjoyable beer. Since then, the price point corrected itself, so it must have been an error in our favor. However, it did turn us on to a beer that can become a go-to from this brewery when we are shopping and being indecisive. Now, the price is more in line with a few other locals that are popular at a reasonable rate. Slipstream positions itself in the pack with Hop Rising and Uinta‘s Detour, all racing around trying to catch that stream of air to take the top spot.

As for Salt Flats Spirits hand sanitizer, don’t drink it! It pours thin with an 80% alcohol content that is sure to kill anything you have lurking around on your hands from the day. As sanitary supplies have continued to be in high demand as of writing, we appreciate these folks contributing to the community in a positive manner while finding ways to sustain their business.