Last year, around this time, we discussed how to avoid green beer while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Most of you listened, your lives have prospered, and success greets you at every corner. A few of you could not resist the hype, so now I have to take time away from my important beer snob duties to fix the damage you’ve done. We’re not hunting for the Higgs Boson here, people. We’re simply striving for a little more artisan tradition in the mugs and glasses of the beer we consume. Many of us are probably ignorant as to why this whole St. Patrick’s Day thing happens and, although most of us are not of Irish descent, glomming onto their celebration probably adds an increased sense of community through the revelry. These old traditions are great excuses for us to get familiar with the beer styles and cultures we may not immediately consider. Here are some fine Irish-inspired ales to look out for, all month long.