April: the month of eggs, Christ and taxes––how in the hell could you not want to be slamming pints like its 2012? So for you, we have a selection of beers tucked in the nooks and crannies of this neo-fascist state of ours. These brews are exclusively contracted out by restaurants and brewed by our finest local micro-breweries. As a purveyor of crediting those who deserve it, SLUG felt that we ought to mention the breweries whose names have gone without mention.

Brewer/Brand: Uinta Brewing
Company / The Pie
ABV: 4.0%
Price: $2.99/Pint
Size: On Tap Only
Rating: *** ½

Description: At first glance this beer is your stereotypical pilsner: crystal clear, deep straw color, and a pillowy, white head. The head slowly drops to leave some sticky lacing around the rim of the pint. The aroma jogs around with malty, sweet dextrins, creamed corn and grassy hops which all lead to a crisp background. Really light in body, this brew matches all the qualities of its aroma, and manages to disappear a bit too easily.
Overview: When it comes to the world of shitty pilsners, I am generally the first to make a b-line for the nearest exit. This beer, on the other hand, I find acceptable in the “pizza nook” genre. Now finding a pairing with this was pretty damn easy. The Greek, one of The Pie’s signature pizzas topped with gyro meat, mozzarella and feta makes for a killer pairing.
Where to Find: Found on tap at the University dine-in and Ogden Pie locations.

Brewvies Irish Red
Brewer/Brand: Rooster’s / Brewvies
ABV: 4.0%
Price: $3.00/Pint
Size: On Tap Only
Rating: *** ½

Description: This Irish Red is clear as they come, auburn to red in color with a tight head that leaves a little lacing around the glass. Clean grass with a hint of citrus in the nose, you are eventually led into some toasted malt undertones and an awkward astringent malt that I just cannot put my finger on. With a medium body, the definite hop presence makes itself dominant in the flavor, followed by a light toasted backing that lingers on the palate.
Overview: Exclusively brewed by the folks at Rooster’s, this is a definite must-try whenever you make your way over to Brewvies. The main thing that gets me with this brew is the light amount of hop resin that it leaves in your mouth, which makes it match fit for some popcorn on the side. If I was not already smuggling booze into every other theatre I go to, I would do my best to tote this one along.
Where to Find: This brew is only found on tap at Brewvies.

Iggy’s Blueberry
Brewer/Brand: Wasatch Brewpub / Iggy’s
ABV: 4.0%
Price: $3.95/Pint
Size: On Tap Only
Rating: **

Description: Off the tap this brew is hazy orange with a crisp white head that recedes almost instantly. The nose is blueberries alongside the lightest amounts of clove and maybe a touch of banana to lead you into the rich taste. The flavor is a touch sweeter than your standard hefeweizen and leaves a little twang of blueberries and wheat to linger on your palate with next to no hop character.
Overview: I don’t think a month has gone by where someone doesn’t say, “Damn this is the best fuckin’ beer I have ever had”. While I am not against this beer, I would just prefer it be a touch drier. The style meets the demands of the general public so I don’t feel the need to rag on this beer more than I have to. If I had to pair this against something in their menu, I would say their cheesecake, if anything.
Where to Find: Only found on tap at Iggy’s Sports Grill.