Review: Port O’ Call

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Nearly every culture on the planet dedicates a specific cultural delicacy or beverage to one of the four seasons. In North America, we borrow from all of the cultures that make us who we are—and the one commonality that has followed us over the oceans and time is beer. It weaves itself into our holidays and celebrations and connects us with our pasts. The most diverse beer time on the calendar is upon us now. As we enter the winter solstice, you’re going to encounter beers that range from dry and fruity to rich and chewy. Our beers this month represent the diversity that brings us all together while adding that extra spice that makes the holidays special.

Port O’ Call

Brewery/Brand: Uinta Brewing Co.
ABV: 9.4%
Serving Style: 750-ml. corked and caged bottle

Description: This brand-new offering from Uinta pours a somewhat muddy, caramel-brown color with a bubbly ring of tan bubbles. The nose has a lot going on—it’s earthy and woody with caramel, oak wood, vanilla, caramelized raisins and some vinous notes. The taste is tart on the initial sip; it’s somewhat dry and tannic with warm red wine grapes. Notes of burnt caramel, cocoa and roast-y malts round out the back end. The finish is slightly boozy with a bit of oak and hop bitterness.

Overview: A fairly complex beer that is a bit of a departure from Uinta’s normal seasonal releases, Port O’ Call is highly recommended. Buy a couple extra for cellaring—this is a beer that will definitely change over the next few years.