Uinta Brewing Co.: Jacked B Nimble

Review: Jacked B Nimble

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November is the month that pumpkin ales were made for. I try not to get caught up in the whole pumpkin spice clusterfuck that grips the nation at this time of year—but between the lattes, the bagels, air fresheners and the inevitable feminine-hygiene product out there with pumpkin spice plastered across the box, I must give in. There is an ocean of pumpkin beers out there for you to try, and I guess I’d be doing you all a great disservice by not mentioning some of them in this, the most autumn of all months. All of these beers are available along the Wasatch Front.

Jacked B Nimble

Brewery/Brand: Uinta Brewing Co.
ABV: 11%
Serving Style: 750-ml. corked and caged bottle

Description: Jacked B Nimble pours an ebony color with ruby highlights, and the nose reveals nutmeg, clove, cinnamon and some boozy whiskey notes. The taste starts with the basic pumpkin pie spices along with some vanilla/bourbon notes. Gingerbread comes next—it works well with the bourbon. The end is where you’ll find most of the roasted malt character—some char and bittering hops round out the finish.

Overview: This is quite a tasty beer, much more complex than Shipyard’s Pumpkinhead. However, I like the overall palette of Uinta’s original Oaked Jacked better. The char tends to overcomplicate things.