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Ask any mixologist and they’ll tell you that their love for their work stems from the connections made through the art of cocktailing. For Alexi Fisher, owner of The Hammered Copper, being a member of the service industry allowed her to create lasting relationships and empowered her to launch her own bartending business. Through The Hammered Copper, Fisher offers private bartending services, eclectic cocktail courses and spirit-centered products.

Fisher took her first steps into the bar industry when she volunteered to bartend at a wedding. At the time, she was an associate at David’s Bridal but jumped at the opportunity for something different. One event was all it took, and over the next thirteen years, Fisher learned the ins and outs of the industry. Eventually, she saw an opportunity to create her own private bartending service that would stand out from the rest. “There are little to no Black, female-owned businesses like mine in the country, let alone in Utah,” Fisher says. “I felt that needed to change and that I could be that change.” Soon, The Hammered Copper was created and Fisher found a new way to express her creativity.

Fisher used her foothold in the bridal industry to begin offering The Hammered Copper services at weddings and soon gained clientele in corporate events as well. “We have made a name for ourselves by ensuring clients that we can provide a unique liquor experience,” she says. Clients can choose between four service packages to fit their price and needs. The “Just The Bartender” package includes knowledgeable bartenders and expects clients to provide spirits and the bar. Other packages “The Copper Package” and “The Polished Package” offer craft cocktail options in addition to champagne service, pre-event tasting and more. Fisher matches corporate parties with the “Full Bar Service” package, which “brings your favorite bespoke speakeasy to your private event,” according to The Hammered Copper’s website.


Alexi Fisher keeps her cocktail-making practices green by using eco-friendly practices and biodegradable materials.
Photo: @robtookthis

“For Alexi Fisher, owner of The Hammered Copper, being a member of the service industry allowed her to create lasting relationships and empowered her to launch her own bartending business.”

To create a rich drinking experience, The Hammered Copper partners with local distilleries and vendors. “Utah is underrated when it comes to distilleries,” says Fisher, who favors Sugar House Distillery, Dented Brick Distillery, Holystone Distilling and Waterpocket Distillery. She has also worked with Dali Crepes, Local First Utah and Laser Engraving to create one-of-a-kind celebrations. “My heart grows with gratitude when I work with other small businesses and their owners,” Fisher says.

Recently, The Hammered Copper has expanded to include cocktail courses. Fisher organizes each lesson around a seasonal or holiday theme that draws a crowd of cocktail connoisseurs and newbies alike. “Our classes are educational and fun regardless of your previous liquor experience,” she says. In addition to learning how to make classic cocktails, attendees can expect to learn about the history and meaning of certain ingredients. Fisher also prides herself on providing a safe experience and offers Lyft vouchers to each guest. While they have had to tone down the number of classes offered due to COVID-19 concerns, The Hammered Copper still hosts a variety of courses like Crime & A Cocktail, which combines true crime lore with do-it-yourself drinks.

Whether she’s bartending luxurious weddings or teaching a Halloween-themed cocktail course, Fisher infuses passion and thought into every aspect of The Hammered Copper. She also prioritizes eco-friendly business practices by incorporating biodegradable materials into services and offering glass recycling and compost bins at every event. The future is only getting brighter for this flourishing business as Fisher hopes to expand into Idaho, Wyoming and Arizona in the coming years. Wherever she takes the business, you can bet Fisher will be a cherished member of Utah’s bar industry forever. “I have found the thing I want to spend the rest of my life doing,” says Fisher.

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