Meeting up at Colin’s house, I watched as the two loaded a customized speaker box onto the back of Colin’s Yuba Mundo Cargo bike. “On our first ride, we had a smaller Block Rocker stereo that didn’t carry sound very well to the whole group of riders, so we built this,” Colin said as he secured the large, white speaker box they call “The Violator” onto his cargo rack. The weight of the box lifted the front tire off the ground as Phil explained the beginnings of the SLC Bike Party. He says, “Almost two years ago, there was a concerted effort during Bike Month to hold a ride that was billed as a Critical Mass ride, which kind of had a connotation of riders running red lights and blocking intersections and traffic, but a lot of riders wanted to follow the rules … and a lot of people didn’t know what was going on. It seemed like people wanted a ride that was following the rules of the road and was still fun.”