SLUG BMX Photo Feature: Greg Anderson

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Greg Anderson – OneFoot Euro – Oakley, Utah

I met Greg a few years ago while riding the dirt jumps in Park City. My initial impression of him was a guy who didn’t say much and shredded hard. Later that summer, he started talking to me and I found a good-humored, friendly guy behind the stoic veil. Fact of the matter is, he’s actually one of the quickest people to laugh or cheer when someone lands a trick. I started following him on Instagram a few weeks after I started talking with him and I quickly learned three things: He is the king of humorous hashtags; he changed his name on there all the time (but not anymore); and I thought that he was passionate about riding bikes, but actually, he’s an expert angler, and almost all the photos he posts are fly-fishing related. At one point, I asked him if he ever works, and he said, “Only when I have to.” Greg’s local park is the one in Oakley, and I’ve been wanting to capture him doing what I’d seen clips of him doing on Insta—destroying the place with stylish tricks and endless flow. Greg put down this OneFoot Euro with a 15-plus-mph crosswind and a thunderstorm in the distance—smooth as butter.