Chatbooks is a Provo-based app that takes pride in two things: creating an incredibly simple user experience and providing that service at an unbelievable price. That’s how co-founders Nate and Vanessa Quigley arrived at the concept of 60-page, $6 photo books that take pictures directly from your Instagram, print out albums from those photos, and then ship them directly to your house.
Creating a unique, emotional experience isn’t easy. Chatbooks takes the nostalgic element of flipping through a photo album and combines it with the new-age practice of cell phone photo-taking and Instagramming. Old world, meet new world.
As Chatbooks continues to grow, opportunities abound. Nate is in the process of raising another seed round with the intent on hiring a full product team and marketing specialist. Expect solid growth, but don’t expect a change in price or simplicity.
You can read more about the journey of Chatbooks at Beehive Startups:

Chatbooks, Showing the Power of Simplicity