An exterior shot of NOVEL Daybreak.

Designing a Community with NOVEL Daybreak


Daybreak is a master-planned community in South Jordan designed with sustainability and urban accessibility at its forefront, all in close proximity to Oquirrh Lake and dozens of neighborhood parks. For those looking to make the leap over to the west side of the valley, NOVEL Daybreak is an apartment community that capitalizes on Daybreak’s natural amenities while offering a number of communal spaces and recreation opportunities, creating the ideal intersection of small-town living and luxury design.

With a motivation to design a space where residents feel encouraged to build relationships with one another, Crescent Communities—the developer behind NOVEL Daybreak—selected the South Jordan neighborhood due to its pre-existing values that aligned with their own. “Daybreak is … known for its scenic landscapes and commitment to sustainability. Crescent Communities saw an opportunity to create a luxury apartment community that blends modern amenities with the natural beauty of Utah,” says Ben Krasnow, a NOVEL Daybreak representative and managing director at Crescent Communities. “Our aim is to design spaces that foster a strong sense of community, connection to nature and a high standard of living.”

“The architecture and building design at NOVEL Daybreak are inspired by the local Utah culture and landscape.”

Crescent Communities has created a number of developments across the U.S., all aiming to take inspiration from the area in which they reside and combine local-centric designs with functional, recreational spaces. Ultimately, this leads to properties that reduce the need for commuting, are more energy efficient and inspire community-based activities. The result is an apartment complex that provides practical, comfortable living and anything you’d need to travel for is conveniently on site—residents are able to live, work and play all   within the same area.

Apartment options at NOVEL Daybreak include studio spaces as well as one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. While other studio apartments may lack standard comforts found in larger units, NOVEL Daybreak designed their studio layout to maximize functionality and convenience. Anything you wouldn’t be able to find in the studio exists in one of the communal areas, such as their collaborative working space that features meeting rooms and micro-offices. “The inclusion of micro-offices is significant as it provides residents with a convenient and productive space to work from home, fostering work-life balance,” Krasnow says.

These working areas are found within The Hive, NOVEL Daybreak’s central gathering space that offers a pool, fitness center and Land of a Thousand Hills coffee shop. Beyond The Hive, residents can also enjoy amenities such as NOVEL Daybreak’s Fieldhouse, a “living room” of sorts that offers plenty of space for lounging and relaxation, including the option to enjoy vintage arcade games and “putt-skee,” (an amalgamation of miniature golf and Skee-Ball). The Fieldhouse also offers their gear share program, a more cost-effective way to rent household or recreational items instead of buying and storing them yourself. Items available for rent include bicycles, kayaks and other outdoor gear as well as coolers and tools. Here, residents can watch sports, play arcade games, rent gear and socialize.

“Our aim is to design spaces that foster a strong sense of community, connection to nature and a high standard of living.”

The apartment homes and amenities help residents curate an at-home lifestyle, while the Utah-inspired designs, such as their in-unit copper features and honeycomb patterns, are a nod to the state’s culture and ensure that the spirit of Utah lives throughout the entire property. “The architecture and building design at NOVEL Daybreak are inspired by the local Utah culture and landscape,” Krasnow says. “This contributes to the communal lifestyle by creating an inviting and harmonious environment that fosters a sense of place and belonging among residents.” The property also features larger designs and installments including a salt wall in the resident lounge, a symbolic, tiny house structure that pays homage to Utah’s pioneer heritage and a wooden, topographical art piece named “The Beehive” designed by local artist Parker Edwards.

To learn more about NOVEL Daybreak and how you can settle into their community, get in touch at 385-218-6023 to schedule a tour and check out their website

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