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It was 2008 and SLUG was in a jam. It was the opening weekend of the Sundance Film Festival and due to unforeseen circumstances we were down a film writer. I called a friend looking for help. They knew the perfect person for the job— an individual that was not only passionate about watching movies but he was also a director and filmmaker. This was Jimmy Martin. He enthusiastically joined the SLUG team and together, we covered the first of many Sundance and Slamdance film festivals. Jimmy was a loyal friend and dedicated SLUG writer. He turned down offers with other publications because we were where he first got his start as a film critic. Jimmy was always looking for new ways to provide help and contribute. When SLUG’s sister organization needed a grant writer, Jimmy joined our Craft Lake City Team. Jimmy would do ANYTHING he could for someone he loved. I am so thankful for his love and all of the laughs we shared. Jimmy, you’re gone but will NEVER be forgotten. –Angela H. Brown, Executive Editor

Jimmy and Kat
Jimmy and Kat

It’s with great sadness that I write in remembrance of SLUG Film Critic Jimmy Martin. Jimmy lived movies. I have long admired his dedication to his profession. I admire how Jimmy immersed himself in the culture of the film industry, how he knew the ins and outs of everything from directors and actors to movie screenings and the ways our and other film markets work. While Jimmy created and nurtured his own success via the Geek Show Podcast, Big Movie Mouth-Off and KSL, he continued to write reviews for SLUG as a volunteer—precisely because he was glued to each movie that came his way as a core tenet of his being. Personally, one thing I’ll miss getting the scoop from Jimmy about is what he’d seen at Sundance when we’d bump into each other. Jimmy Martin truly manifested and maintained his identity as a film critic who valued each opportunity he had to be one. SLUG and I will greatly miss Jimmy’s tenacity and dedication. –Alexander Ortega, Editor

Long before I started working for SLUG, I’d been a fan of Jimmy Martin from listening to the Geek Show Podcast—after getting to know him, I was always amazed at how infectious his positivity and humor were. He was generous with his time, whether among friends or fans, especially when it came to discussing films. I find comfort in imagining him reunited Jeff Vice—another gone-too-soon original member of the Geek Show Podcast with whom Jimmy started Big Movie Mouth-Off—though selfishly, I want nothing but to have even just one more day to enjoy his laughter and his snark. Our geek community has lost one of its best, and I’ll miss him dearly.
John Ford, Community Development Manager

Over a few years, I got to know Jimmy through mutual friends and magazine events, then our wives actually became close friends. I’ll never forget throwing a party at my house, and as things wound down for the evening, I found myself sitting in my kitchen with Jimmy talking about our mutual love of ​Tron​ and other movies that were deeply meaningful to us. It will be those times that will stick with me the most—they didn’t occur often, but when we were able to just be movie nerds with each other, that means the most to me.
James Orme, Senior Staff Writer

I have always looked up to Jimmy Martin. Not only did I look forward to reading his film reviews every month, but he and his writing inspired me to eventually write my own film reviews. His vibrant personality and passion for films shines through his words in every article he wrote, and I’ve always admired his talent. I wish I could thank him for his encouragement because, whether he had known it or not, he was a strong motivating force in my life. Thank you for all of your thoughtful, smart reviews, Jimmy. You will be missed.
Zaina Abujebarah, Communications Coordinator

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