Starting off with the discussion of children’s genitals, Forbidden Topics at Conventions kicked off the 18+ discussion panel intended for the not-so-mature audience. The agenda for the evening was laid out to cover slash fiction, sexualizing characters, butts, butts, butts and unicorn testicles. Then evening followed, exactly as one would expect.

The challenge presented by attending this panel was the absolute focus required to follow any given conversation, thankfully the panel members cycled through a lot of topics very quickly, so it was easy to pick up on the next subject change and abandon the previous one. My favorite part of the evening was the sexualizing of characters debate, when the defense of He-Man was called for, and Rebecca Frost seemingly coined the phrase “ Don’t Sexualize, Recognize,” a mock-sultry addition to her earlier comment “ There are gender stereotypes, so stop it.” From there an intense discussion about whither or not Scrooge McDuck was Jewish, despite his obvious Scottish accent and last name.

Silly, out-of-line and easily derailed comedy was the overall theme for the evening. For a close to the last day, slightly drunk panel members being allowed to talk about masturbating with hot pockets and all manner of adult topics was an entertaining way to end my exploration of Fan X.