I was somewhat put off by “my people” when I arrived at the Christopher Lloyd Panel and saw a line of no more than 15 people waiting to ask Lloyd their questions. I felt as though he was being cheated the fandom he so rightly deserved. Once the questions began, however, I was grateful to see that each question was well digested and responded to by Lloyd. His natural talent and obvious comfort for conventions and audiences showed through as his responses and fully encompassed not only the direct question, but also any other potential questions that could stem from it. This created a space for more creative questions to be submitted, eradicating any opportunity for redundancies.

Of course, there were plenty of questions pertaining to the Back To The Future trilogy, but my favorite responses from him came from the true die-hard fans that have affinities for his other works. One such question related a long running children’s series by the name of Cyber Chase, a staple of my own childhood. Through this, he shared his experiences with voice acting. He admitted that initially he wasn’t enthusiastic about the idea. More specifically, he shared, “I went to acting school and theater, and all this stuff, and all they wanted was my voice! I wasn’t delighted about that.” He went on to explain that over time voice acting jobs presented more of an appeal to him and that he planned on continuing to do them. His outlook on the voice acting industry was a beautiful thing. He said “Its interesting, you only have your voice, and you have to put as much energy into that as you would were you in front of a camera, creating an entire character with only your voice. I really enjoyed that.” The only downside to Lloyd’s beautiful approach to each question was that I didn’t get to ask him about his Doc Brown’s cameo appearance on A Million Ways To Die In The West. Hopefully I’ll get an opportunity to do so Saturday, as he will be doing photo ops with the DeLorean at 11:30 am and solo at 2:30 pm.