Her favorite new companion? Probably Karen Gillan or John Barrowman. I see that she shares my idea that Captain Jack Harkness and maybe even Rory are the show’s best companions. The ultimate “Eccleston or Tennant?” question arose, to which she responded, “You guys love this question,” and admitted she had more of a laugh working with Tennant. She elaborated on her audition process, saying she was pretending to feel ill and was high on sugar so she had nothing to lose. I’d say it worked out for her.

I also learned she’s a mother in the beginning stages of introducing her child to Doctor Who. He is trying to grasp the idea that Matt Smith, who hangs out at their house often, is also the Doctor. “How do you balance being an actor and being a mom?” asked an audience member.

“Badly,” she admitted. But somehow, Billie Piper finds a way to make it all work and be a successful fan favorite.