Paul Oakenfold at Downstairs


A late night party sponsored by LIVEstyle Entertainment featured legendary trance/house DJ and producer Paul Oakenfold, LIVEstyle is one of the largest event producers at North American film festivals, and usually brings out big names and sponsors for their live events – this year they presented the Bon Appetit supper club, the Film Lounge Media Center, and the live series at Downstairs, a bar turned crazy dance club. Although by most measures his style is a bit old school, (mostly ’90s-style warehouse party music and mainstream trance), the party was one of the best at Sundance in terms of crowd, music presentation and of course, the open bar. Oakenfold’s composition is beyond the abilities of most DJs – each song a mere part of a larger composition flowing in key and in tempo seamlessly for hours. Fortunately for me (or my taste anyway) he played a majority of house as opposed to trance or techno. Bloghouse Serato hipsters, take notice: it helps to know how to compose and produce – most of you have A LOT of catching up to do. There is a reason EVERYONE knows who Paul Oakenfold is. Pictures soon!