Crimes Against Humanity
Slamdance Film Festival
Director: Jerzy Rose

As the previews of Crimes Against Humanity suggest, Lewis (Mike Lopez) is an asshole. The opening scene includes him not so passive-aggressively berating his girlfriend, Brownie (Lyra Hill), for not having a job. Lewis proves to be a complete douche from the get-go as he gloats of working for the dean of the local college campus and assisting him in aiding a hired private eye to spy on professors to incriminate them for having sex with students, leading the professors into probationary periods/suspension. While he helps in one case, Brownie’s pet rabbit, Megan, dies, and a mixup in the ashes of her bunny with another brings her to a one-night stand with a seeming “nice guy” (Ted Tremper). As she leaves his house, she suffers a freak accident that lands her in the hospitable to spiral into a deep existential depression. In her coma, Lewis expresses his gratitude for her hospitalization and begins seeking out a sleazy hookup by way of his spy work. Ultimately, Crimes Against Humanity functions as an interesting character study of Lewis and Brownie; of an irreverent prick and an unconfident, pitiful mess, respectively. The film definitely has its laughs due to Lopez’s spot-on portrayal of Lewis (foiled by his vastly more moral brother) and also because of the way in which Brownie’s free-spirited but aimless character is written. It’s not a banger, but this film is worth a gander if not for its darkly comedic tone and Brownie’s gleeful yet hopeful quasi-triumph in the end.


Date: 1.22, 6:45PM Venue: Treasure Mountain Inn, Main Screening Room