Slamdance Film Festival
Directors: Jaret Belliveau, Matthew Bauckman

In a stunning tribute to amateur filmmaking, this documentary follows Elliot—an overwhelmingly amateur filmmaker who is on a journey to become a cult icon as Canada’s first action hero. With the assistance of his girlfriend/partner Linda, Elliot has completed two very B movies, and is working on his third: Blood Fight. But as Belliveau and Bauckman delve deeper into Elliot’s life, achievements and past, the line between what is truth and what is lies begins to fade away. The documentary contains a surprising amount of humor that goes along with shooting a film—anyone who’s even just shot a video with their phone will have a lot of fun with the first half of Elliot. The ending of Elliot is surprising: As the layers of the “action hero” get pulled back, we’re able to see more and more of the falsehoods Elliot has put in front of himself—and Elliot is clearly not comfortable with the truth. Belliveau and Bauckman deserve two snaps up for editing this film, as it unfolds beautifully.


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Date: 1.17, 3:40 PM Venue: Treasure Mountain Inn, Gallery Screening Room

Date: 1.20, 2:00 PM Venue: Treasure Mountain Inn, Main Screening Room