Forever Not Alone
Slamdance Film Festival
Director: Monja Art, Caroline Bobek

Walking into this documentary about a group of immature, teenage girls, I can honestly say I had very low expectations, and, if I’m being completely honest, I only reviewed this film because I lost a coin toss. Now, that being said, I was completely blown away by Forever Not Alone. Art and Bobek focus far more on the friendships and relationships of the six main girls in the documentary than on anything stereotypical or cliché that one might usually associate with the age range, creating a brilliant sense of emotion and connection throughout the film. Fairly early on in Forever Not Alone, the group learns that one of the girls will be moving away soon with her mother, and they’re slowly forced to come to terms with this fact as the film progresses. Art and Bobek do a fine job of peeling past the typical and exposing the harshness and the utter bliss that friendship can simultaneously provide.

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