I Put A Hit On You
Slamdance Film Festival
Director: Linsey Stewart, Dane Clark

I Put A Hit On You revolves around the characters of and the relationship between Harper (Sara Canning) and Ray (Aaron Ashmore). After Harper proposes—with a ring for herself instead of a ring for him—and Ray turns her down, Harper goes on a drinking binge in her apartment to get over it (unfortunately, Almie Rose already did it better). Oh, and did I mention that Harper puts out a hit on Ray via the Internet in her drunken stupor? And that a potential killer answers the ad? Yeah, that happened, too. Once Harper sobers up a bit, and realizes what she’s done, she rushes to tell Ray and help him escape his impending death. Though there is a decent amount of humor within the film—in part thanks to the excellent chemistry between and even more excellent acting from Canning and Ashmore—the story and dialogue are found wanting. There are several scenes that only seem to be there to explain away questions in case someone from the audience had asked, “Well, why didn’t they just do this instead?” Though it may be petty, I also find it upsetting that Canning’s name is listed second in the credits of the film, when she is quite clearly the lead. I thought feminism had come farther than this. To end on a positive note, the use of “I Heard Your Voice” by The Deadly Snakes at the close of I Put A Hit On You is completely fabulous.

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