La Bare
Slamdance Film Festival
Director: Joe Manganiello


In his directorial debut, Joe Manganiello (HBO’s True Blood, Magic Mike) offers an inside look at La Bare, an all male revue club in Dallas, TX that’s been in operation since 1978. While many of the clichés about strip clubs hold true, Manganiello shows that the dancers and employees have sides that are very business-oriented and keep a heavy focus on family and friendship. With strong spotlights on several of the club’s dancers—including Randy “Master Blaster,” the oldest and one of the most entertaining dancers who’s been there for over 3 decades; “Channing,” who was inspired to become a dancer after seeing Magic Mike; and Cesar, who was formerly a Ranger in the military; among others—and interviews with patrons, family and friends, Manganiello works toward an emotional remembrance of Ruben “Angela” Riguero, a La Bare dancer who was shot and killed in 2012. The story within the documentary doesn’t have much depth, but the personalities of the dancers, footage from a private show and some fun from “Amateur Night” keep the entertainment level high through to the close. Fans of Manganiello will also enjoy his brief—yet fully clothed—appearance at the end of the film.


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YouTube Video with Ruben “Angelo” Riguero