Meet My Rapist
Slamdance Film Festival
Director: Jessie Kahnweiler

A comedic satire that criticizes rape myths and attacks the stereotypes of how victims should “get the fuck over [their] shit”? COUNT ME IN. Meet My Rapist is a fabulous experiment in representation, visualizing how victims of rape—on a daily basis—are effected by the trauma they’ve experienced, whether it’s been 8 years or a few days. With massively higher rates of PTSD, suicide, drug and alcohol use, etc. among rape victims, being able to talk about this subject is vitally important to changing rape culture. Kahnweiler provides a captivating and funny short film that is sure to get some dialogue flowing. Someone needs to give her a damn high five.


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Date: 1.23, 2:10 PM Venue: Treasure Mountain Inn, Gallery Screening Room