Slamdance Film Festival
Director: Gabrielle Demeestere
USA/80 min/World Premiere

Following the lives of three young boys in Palo Alto, CA—Chris (Everett Meckler), Joe (Alec Mansky) and Ted (Calum John)—Yosemite weaves an attractive portrait of life in the mid ’80s. As Chris and his younger brother return from a trip to Yosemite with their father, reports of a mountain lion roaming through the communities of the small town begin to circulate. After Ted’s cat goes missing, the boys band together to hunt the wild mountain lion down, but even with their good intentions, the adventure may prove to be too large for three small boys. With her second feature length film, director Gabrielle Demeestere presents the Slamdance Film Festival with a striking representation of childhood and friendship. Henry Hopper is memorable—and just the right amount of slightly creepy—as Joe’s comic-book-providing older friend Henry, Steven Wiig is amusing and fun to watch as Ted’s computer-obsessed dad and James Franco is brilliant as Chris’ father Phil. Based on three short stories from Franco’s book “Palo Alto” and funded in part through Indiegogo, Yosemite is one of several films Franco is currently working on—each inspired from his own experiences as a youth in California. With intricate and perfectly dressed sets, great performances from all involved and a superbly interlaced story, Yosemite is sure to please. –John Ford

Film Clip:

Date: 1.29, 1:15 PM Venue: Treasure Mountain Inn, Ballroom Screening Room